OSCQR.SUNY.EDU is a resource sponsored and developed by the SUNY Online Teaching team as a companion to the OSCQR rubric.

The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) partnered with Open SUNY (now SUNY Online) in November 2016 and adopted OSCQR as their Online Course Quality Scorecard. The SUNY Online Teaching team continues to update and refine the rubric and associated resources.


Alexandra M. Pickett (concept & project direction/sponsor)
Phylise Banner  (research, writer, organizer)
Dan Feinberg  (project manager, wordpress, rubric integration)
Jeremy Case  (lead videographer and multimedia specialist, Monroe Community College)
Amelia Manders: (wordpress queen)

OLC Team

Jennifer Mathes, OLC Director of Strategic Partnerships & Interim Chief Knowledge Officer
Jennifer Rafferty, OLC Director of the Institute for Professional Development
Elisabeth Stucklen, OLC Instructional Designer


Working with multi institutional teams of SUNY online instructional designers, librarians, distance learning directors, and technologists, the Open SUNY COTE Core Course Supports team began their work in 2013, which ultimately resulted in the OSCQR rubric, dashboard and course review and refresh process. We thank and recognize the Open SUNY Course Supports work group made up of Open SUNY+ Wave I & II campus volunteers from 15 SUNY institutions, and Open SUNY staff (past and present), for contributions to the initial versions and development of the rubric and dashboard.

Open SUNY OSCQR Development Team

Alexandra M. Pickett (concept & project sponsor)
Robert Piorkowski (project manager for OSCQR 1.0 & 2.0 and project team)
Dan Feinberg (project manager OSCQR 3.0 & accessibility rubric integration)
Erin Maney (course reviewer & project team)
Dave Ghidiu (application developer & course reviewer – July 2014 – July 2016)
Annie Shibata (OSCQR 1.0 project team & course reviewer  – July 2014 – March 2015)
Ed Tiger (OSCQR 1.0 project team & multimedia developer- October 2014 – December 2014)

SUNY Project Teams

OSCQR 1st Adopters – Open SUNY+ Wave I and Wave II, 2014

December 2013 – October 2014

Open SUNY Course Supports Core Team
Rob Piorkowski, SUNY Learning Network, Open SUNY
Sue Gallagher, Hudson Valley Community College
Jeanne Fagan, Finger Lakes Community College
Caroline Manssino-Cohen, University at Albany
Ryan McCabe, Finger Lakes Community College
T. John McCune, SUNY Fredonia
Irene Scruton, SUNY Oswego
Kathleen Stone, Empire State College
Wendy Tang, Stony Brook University

Librarian Team
Maureen Zajkowski, SUNY System Administration
Laura Murray, SUNY System Administration
Darren Chase, Stony Brook University
Michelle Costello, SUNY Geneseo
Dana Longley, Empire State College
Amanda Mitchell, SUNY Delhi
Brandon West, SUNY Oswego
Cori Wilhelm, SUNY Canton

Multimedia Team
Emily Schwartz, SUNY System Administration
Sue Gallagher, Hudson Valley Community College
Dan Feinberg, SUNY System Administration
Dave Ghidiu, Monroe Community College
Ann Pearlman, SUNY Brockport
Jeffrey Riman, Fashion Institute of Technology
John Hughes, Empire State College
Meghan Pereira, Buffalo State College
Rob Piorkowski, SUNY System Administration
Linda Ryder, Hudson Valley Community College