OSCQR – Standard #27

OSCQR – Standard #27

Slideshows use a predefined slide layout and include unique slide titles.

Review These Explanations

Using a consistent layout will set the stage for continuity and consistency in your course. If presenting slides, keep the layout simple and clearly convey the following in your opening slides:

  • The main purpose of the presentation.
  • Why the material is important.
  • How you expect learners to interact with the presentation.

Learning materials presented in slide format work best if the slideshow is considered as a highlight with minimal text that can be supplemented with a content summary provided in handouts or assigned readings (Kinchin, 2006).


Kinchin, I. (2006). Developing PowerPoint handouts to support meaningful learning. British Journal of Educational Technology, 37, 647–650.

Refresh Your Course with These Ideas

General Suggestions

  • Use section headers to separate topics within a slideshow or presentation.
  • Create a session agenda or outline that matches the title slides and/or section headers.
  • Simplify your slides as much as possible, using the notes feature to guide any recording that you might include.

Explore Related Resources

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