OSCQR – Standard #20

OSCQR – Standard #20

Course is free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Review These Explanations

The instructor is considered the expert in the classroom, and course materials should reflect that expertise — including spelling and grammar. The online course can be considered a learning asset in and of itself, and should be presented with professionalism and integrity.

Errors in grammar and spelling can cause some learners to question the quality of the course or program. It is common to glance over writing errors, but it is important to check for grammatical and spelling errors before sharing it with learners.

Refresh Your Course with These Ideas

General Suggestions

  • When writing course materials, step away for a while and return to reread the materials with a fresh look. This will enable you to notice errors that you may have missed.
  • Write course materials in a word processing application that has spelling and grammar checks built in, then copy that material into the LMS.
  • Turn on spell checking functionality within your browser.
  • Consider establishing a peer review group of other faculty and course developers to check grammar and spelling in your course.
  • If you are teaching a new course, create an avenue for learners to let you know if they find any grammatical or spelling errors. Give them explicit instructions on how to let you know, and acknowledge their observations.

Explore Related Resources

This blog post from the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching from Grand Canyon University explores how grammar still matters in both the academic and professional realm.

Share What You Know

OSCQR has been developed by a community of online practitioners interested in quality course design. There are numerous opportunities for community members to offer suggestions, donate resources, and help with future development.

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